Intro to Dumplings Plus


Originating from China and with 2000 years of history hand-made noodles, steamed buns and dumplings (made from wheat flour) are embodiments of Chinese culture. As hand-made noodles represent longevity and steamed buns and dumplings prosperity, these are traditionally served during festivals and banquets.




The noodles, steamed buns and dumplings are served or stuffed either with fresh meat, seafood or vegetables and they are tasty, delicious and healthy as we put a strong emphasis on the proper combination of fresh ingredients. It is the latter practice that has enabled our other food retail chains  Yoyogi Japanese, to be awarded various food retail awards over the past decade.


With a wealth of experience under his belt, our five star rated head chef from Mainland China has a life-long passion to introduce the wide range of regional Chinese specialties offering authentic flavours from every region, from Sichuan fiery dishes to Beijing noodles including Cantonese dishes.


We strongly believe that you will enjoy all the dishes presented in this Menu.


Dumplings Plus